About Rainald

Software developer, web enthusiast and sportsman

Who I am

Software developer for more than 20 years
Web enthusiast from the beginning of the WWW
Studied electrical engineering and geology

What I like

Mountaineering and climbing
Activities in nature
Reading and further education

Rainald Suchan

Hi, I’m Rainald. I write on my website about software, GIS, SEO, content marketing and the use of AI, about blogging and WordPress, about affiliate marketing, email marketing and various other things that are important for an online business.

My story

I grew up in Germany and developed a special interest in science and technology while I was still at school. Physics in particular was a subject that fascinated me, because ultimately physics is the fundamental science par excellence that can theoretically explain almost everything in the world. So my focus with physics and mathematics as my main subjects was a fairly obvious choice.

At our grammar school, my math teacher offered a computer course in which he taught interested students how to program. I took part in the course and that’s when I became interested in programming.

My enthusiasm for sport also developed during my time at school. Endurance sports such as cycling, running and swimming were my favorites. My interest in nature and outdoor activities also developed at that time.

In the last few years of school, inspired by television reports about Reinhold Messner, I also took up climbing and mountaineering. I spent my summer vacations in the Alps, where I went on climbing tours and climbed several 4000-meter peaks.

My time at university

After leaving school, I studied electrical engineering. It was a course that taught me a lot. I particularly enjoyed the scientific work at university. So I took up another subject straight away and studied geology. Overall, my time at university broadened my intellectual horizons enormously.

During my studies I became aware of the relatively new sport of triathlon and as I already had the individual disciplines of swimming, cycling and running in my training program, it was only a small step to take on the challenge of the triathlon.

So I signed up for a triathlon club and soon after completed my first short-distance triathlon. After some time of training, I then also took part in a long-distance triathlon over the Ironman distance of 3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42.2 km running. It was a good challenge, but also an unforgettable experience.

At the triathlon in Roth

Profession and vocation

After my university years, I worked as a software developer. Web development and website creation was a certain focus. I learned a lot about programming, software, the internet, SaaS and much more.

I have also tried out a few things of my own, such as developing software components, programming apps for mobile devices and creating websites on specific topics. These projects have also resulted in this website, which I would like to use to pass on the experience and knowledge I have gained about software, website creation and various aspects of online marketing and business to interested readers.

If you are interested in software, want to blog or create a website for your company to attract more customers and revenue, then you have come to the right place.

I regularly write useful information, tips and tricks as well as instructions on my blog, which are helpful, for example, to…

  • find and use the best software
  • create your own website or blog
  • learn WordPress and use it optimally
  • win more customers
  • improve the ranking and reach through SEO
  • find the best keywords
  • create optimized content
  • get results faster with AI tools
  • generate additional income with affiliate marketing
  • build your own online business

So just drop by from time to time. There is a lot to learn in this area. So let’s tackle it together.

I wish you every success in achieving your goals.