Map Components for JavaScript

Map Components for JavaScript is a collection of useful widgets and web components that provide frequently needed functionalities for your web mapping application. The component collection is based on the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript and extends its functionality.

Map Components for JavaScript are implemented as standard web components that are officially supported by the HTML specification. This means that they can be used in any HTML pages and do not require any additional framework or libraries.

Simply add the widgets and functionalities you need in your mapping application in just a few minutes. The effort required is very low. Days and weeks of programming for the implementation of common standard functions are no longer necessary. You can save a lot of time and minimize the implementation costs for your mapping application.

Select Widget

The Select widget is a component of the Map Components for JavaScript that is used to select features on the map of a web mapping application. The feature layers in the mapping application, which is created with the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript, serve as the basis for the selection.

Select Widget

To select the features, the widget offers various selection tools that you can use to make a selection using a point, a line, a rectangle, a circle, a polygon or a lasso. You can clear the selection again with another tool.

The feature layers from the map are listed in the widget. You can use a checkbox to determine whether the respective layer should be included in the selection. Once you have selected the features, they are highlighted on the map. The number of selected features is displayed for each layer. The selection for each layer can be cleared using a button.

It is possible to extend an existing selection by holding down the Shift key while making a further selection. The existing selection can also be reduced by holding down the control key.


For layers with an existing selection, a pop-up menu can be opened which can be used to zoom to the selection, to pan to the selection or to show the features on the map.

You can view the Select Widget and its functionality in a live demo.

If you need a ready-to-use selection tool in your web mapping application, you can buy the Select Widget from us for $49. The price applies to one license for use in one web mapping application. If you want to use the widget in several web mapping applications, you must purchase several licenses accordingly. You will receive the product as a digital download.

Select Widget $49
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You will receive the software directly after purchase as a digital download (ZIP file). Included are the software, documentation and examples that illustrate how to use it.
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